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The next big phenomenon within the management accounting practices would be the big data economy. The phenomenon concerns the production of a large stream of data from diverse sources, analysing these big data so as to provide important insights for better decision making. This paper attempts to evaluate the readiness of Malaysian companies to take advantage of big data by using the Enterprise Business Intelligence Maturity Model (EBIMM) as the evaluation tool. Data were collected from 132 Malaysian large scale enterprises using the EBIMM questionnaire. The results indicated that Malaysian companies are relatively ready for the big data economy. Up to 82% of the organizations surveyed attained the Defined level of maturity and had a decent level of capabilities and competencies to capture the benefits of big data analytics. However, none of the organizations reached the Optimizing level indicating that more investments in technology, talents and culture are required to enable Malaysia to become the regional hub for big data analytics.

Keywords: Big data, maturity, readiness, decision making, performance

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