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Category: ICAS 2015 Proceedings
Author: Siti Seri Delima Abdul Malak
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Co-operative learning in the form of a buddy system was adopted in teaching third year advanced accounting subject. Length of lectures were limited to incorporate more co-operative learning activities such as oral and poster presentations, jigsaws and buddy discussions. Mid-way through the course, students wrote a short reflection on their buddy experience. At the end of the course, a survey was conducted on the perceptions of students towards the buddy system and teamwork. The result of the survey indicated a positive rating towards students’ perceptions on the buddy system and teamwork and the chances of improving their grades. Findings also suggested that although there had been some resistance by the students towards the pre-selection of buddies and issues in its implementation, co-operative learning appeared to create a safer and conducive environment for students in achieving the learning outcomes.

Keywords: Co-operative learning, accounting, accountancy, buddy system

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