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Category: ICAS 2015 Proceedings
Author: Kalsom Salleh, Mohd Yusof Ahmad
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This paper examines the fraud profile in public sector and fraud prevention strategies in the fight against fraud as perceived by the internal audit staff in the Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). The research objectives are to understand the fraud profile in MINDEF and to examine the effectiveness of fraud prevention and detection measures as perceived by the internal audit staff in MINDEF. The research methodology is based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches which include survey questionnaires to the internal audit staff of Internal Audit & General Investigation Department in MINDEF supported by an interview with the Chief Internal Auditor. This perception based study on Fraud Profile and Fraud Prevention in public sector is adapted from the study by Gloeck and Jager (2005). The findings on the fraud profile in MINDEF do raise some concern especially when fraud are perceived to be on the rise and committed at the highest level and by top management in the MINDEF. The top five most effective fraud prevention and detection measures are 1) increased involvement of internal auditors 2) implementation of Islamic values 3) improved internal control 4) top management to model appropriate behaviour and 5) establishing whistle blower policy.

Keywords: Fraud, Fraud Profile, Fraud Prevention, Internal Auditor, Public Sector

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