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The cash management is one of the important components of financial managements that affects the overall business efficiency and financial sustainability. Therefore, the aim of this study is to determine the extent of cash management practices among micro and small enterprises in Malaysia services sector. Besides, this study will investigate the influence of resources availability (employees’ accounting skills and ability; financial management training; financial support; technological support) to the cash management practices. The 150 questionnaires were equally distributed to the micro and small businesses in services sector in main capital of Eastern Region of Malaysia. The general findings showed that cash management practices are highly implemented among SMEs in this region. This study found that employees’ accounting skills and ability, financial management trainings and financial support are able to influence the level of cash management practices. These results are important for the authorities to play more proactive roles to provide a favourable platform for SMEs to run their business at a reasonable cost of financing and having enough resources. Besides, the entrepreneurs should give more attention on the relevance of cash management practices to ensure their business sustainability.

Keywords: Cash Management, Resources availability, SMEs, Eastern Region of Malaysia

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