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This paper strives to explore the relationships between corporate governance (CG) and sustainability practices (SP): both two concepts have continued to draw attention due to their importance for the continued operation of businesses. In view of that, the paper seeks out to investigate the interrelationship between them using a sample of top oil companies in Nigeria. In-depth interviews were conducted with the management of the six oil companies in Nigeria. The interviews sought to elicit more information on corporate governance practices, ideas and opinion from the respondents on the sustainability practices. The interviews were based on both close-ended and open-ended questions and included questions about corporate governance and sustainability practices and the link between the two. The findings suggest that the popular view of the managers perceive CG as essential for sustainable development practices in businesses. The findings shows all the companies are into philanthropic social responsibility practices. The study suggests that the relationship between the two is overlapping as such there is need to exercise conscientious efforts on their agendas, though the finding is limited to a small sample size and it comes from one industry.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Sustainability Practices, Stakeholder, Nigeria

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