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Various efforts have introduced to the government auditors in improving the fraud risk assessment performance and at the same time enhancing audit quality as well as increasing public confidence. The provision of standards and guidelines have encouraged the government auditors to perform a brainstorming during the preliminary analysis of a fraud risk assessment. Due to the diversity of the government auditors education backgrounds, brainstorming improve a performance of internal control review by government auditor. The inability of the government auditor to detect any misstatement, especially fraud risk may expose auditors to lawsuits which consequently lead to a bad reputation to the public. The purpose of this study is to examine the direct and interaction effects of the brainstorming and education background against an internal control review performance. The 2 X 2 factorial designs were employed and a total of 151 government auditors participated in this study. The government auditors were assigned to assess the internal control based on individual or in groups. The results show that brainstorming and education background impact the internal control review performance. The results also show a significant interaction between brainstorming and education background. The findings in this study provide insights into the importance of brainstorming for government auditors with various education backgrounds.

Keywords: Fraud Risk Assessment, Internal Control Review, Brainstorming, Education Background

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