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This paper reports the results of a pilot study examining the factors that contribute to the level of awareness and readiness towards microfinance among social network women entrepreneurs. Only a few of the proposed measures were found to have low loadings and these were modified accordingly, while the proposed variables demonstrated acceptable reliability alpha values. The pilot study was extended to pre-examine the potential relationships among the proposed variables via Partial Least Squares analysis. Among the pre-identified antecedents of intentions towards microfinance, attitude was found to exhibit the strongest effect on the intention level. The intention level then explains reliably the level of awareness and readiness towards microfinance among the 48 usable respondents selected for this pilot study. The actual study intends to collect at least 500 responses from women entrepreneurs who are conducting online businesses on social media such as facebook, blogs, instagram and websites in Malaysia. From the pilot study’s results, we are convinced with the viability of the existing model to be used in the actual study.

Keywords: Microfinance, intention, social networks, women entrepreneurs

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