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The objective of the current study is to provide empirical evidence on determinants of corporate social
responsibility (CSR) disclosure (CSRD) of banks in Yemen. Legitimacy theory is used to support the
hypotheses. The data are collected from annual reports of 18 banks from 2011 to 2013. CSRD, based on the
quantity of disclosure, is measured using a disclosure index. This index has been adapted from previous
literature to be relevant to the banking sector in Yemen. Regression was utilized to test whether bank size,
profitability, foreign share ownership and government share ownership would influence the quantity of CSRD
by Yemeni banks. The results showed that bank size, foreign share ownership, and government share ownership
have a positive impact on the amount of CSRD. On the other hand, profitability has an adverse impact on the
amount of CSRD. This study provides factors that could enhance the quantity of CSRD in a critical sector to the
Yemen economy. Improving CSRD would grant more legitimacy to these banks.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, Banks, Yemen

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