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This paper aims at adding to reliable solutions of the menace of poverty in the Muslim majority states of Nigeria by providing facts that buttress the payment of Zakah on employment and professional income as a powerful source of funds for dealing with the harsh effect of poverty among Muslim communities. The paper is purely a literature review research that explores the jurisprudential debate and ruling on Zakah on employment income and traces how some Muslim majority jurisdictions benefitted immensely towards eradicating poverty using proceeds from Zakah on employment and professional income. In view of this, the paper recommends to those in authority to take a juristic stance on the matter and generate Zakah funds from employment and professional income as well as ensure proper disbursement of the funds to the target group in order to curb the poverty situations of the Muslim majority states in Nigeria and beyond.

Keywords: Zakah; employment income; professional income; Muslim majority states; zakah commission

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