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In introducing and achieving the learning objective of accounting subject among students, instructors could creatively apply an attention-grabbing approach of teaching - i.e., Gamification. Thus, the purpose of this conceptual paper is to present gamification concept and benefits it can offer as an approach in teaching and learning, particularly in accounting course. Gamification refers to the application of game element in non-game contexts with the aim of getting individuals to involve in a diversity of challenging tasks. Game-based accounting education may help to create a new and interesting teaching and learning environment that switches the ‘chalk and talk’ teaching method into student centered learning. It also gives impact to students in boosting their motivation to delve into the subject being taught. Theoretically, this paper contributes to the existing literature of gamification in education, and practically, it contributes in increasing the awareness on how the gamification can be used in accounting education and motivate non-accounting students to enjoy learning the subject. Further experimental study will be conducted to investigate how game-based education assists in improving students’ understanding of accounting concept, as well as how gamification can stimulate critical thinking and communication skills among students.

Keywords: Accounting, Gamification, Accounting Education, Educational Game, Student Centered Learning

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