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Category: ICAS 2018 Proceedings
Author: Ali Rehman, Fathyah Hashim
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In the current business environment, an organisation cannot exist without availability of corporate governance. Corporate governance is a system that should be available within an organisation and should be defined and regulated internally. Moreover, it is widely known fact that organisations that demonstrate poor corporate governance end up in making losses. However, good corporate governance also cannot assure the success of organisations. These unsuccessful organisations, although demonstrating good corporate governance, may end up in losses due to fraudulent activities. Robust and stable corporate governance system is required to ensure that organisations will achieve their objectives and expectations of shareholders are met. It is a common expectation of shareholders that the board of directors and organisational management will adopt and implement proper governance practices. However, in order to measure the adoption and implementation; assessment of corporate governance maturity is required. Furthermore, good corporate governance can be considered as broad and inconclusive term unless it is measured to the level of its maturity. Therefore, it can be asserted that the maturity of the corporate governance processes within the organisations needs to be identified and evaluated, which eventually enables assessment of the good corporate governance. The objective of this paper is to develop a corporate governance maturity framework which can be utilized as a measurement tool. The initial corporate governance maturity framework developed is founded on the available and associated literature. Adoption of the framework developed in this paper may enable organisations to measure its governance maturity and also enable them to identify potential gaps between the current strategic objectives and targets. Moreover, this framework may assist organisations in forming their strategies and aligning their performance with organisational goals.

Keywords: Corporate governance maturity, good corporate governance, corporate governance

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