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Category: ICAS 2015 Proceedings
Author: Desrir Miftah, Hesty Wulandari
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This research was designed to figure out whether cognitive factors which consist of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use as well as personal factors which divided into computer anxiety, influencing the intentions of internet usage among students. Furthermore, this research would also like to compare the cognitive and personal model in influencing the internet use intention. We use quantitative descriptive to analyse the data gathered through questionnaires among the students of State Islamic University Sultan Syarif Kasim (UIN SUSKA) Riau Indonesia, which actively and daily using the computer and internet technology. These students were chosen as samples through simple random sampling and processing data by using multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that perceived usefulness from cognitive factor affecting the intention in using internet while perceived ease of use does not affect the intention of using the internet. It is also found that anxiety computer from personal factors does not affect the intention in using internet technology. Oppositely, the intentions feelings affect the intention in using internet technology. When it comes to the comparison, it could be concluded that cognitive factors also do not have a greater effect when compared with personal factors of students in using internet.

Keywords: Cognitive, personal, intentions, internet technology

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